Smart Retirement

Choosing a “Second Home” in PVE

Assisted living at Laurel Creek is composed of 28 private rooms, and residents are encouraged to personalize their individual accommodations with items brought from their former residences.

Balancing the Retirement Equation

After working for decades, it’s easy to look at retirement as a chance to slow down and take it easy.

Come Relax With Us!

Stress complicates our mental and emotional wellbeing in ways we may not recognize and erodes our ability to cope with challenges great and small.

Bringing an Active Aging Philosophy to Life

The philosophy of active aging is explained by the World Health Organization as the “process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance quality of life as people age.”

What’s a Life Plan Community?

A continuing care retirement community is a neighborhood designed for retirees and seniors.

Paradise Valley Estates: A Capital Investment

Paradise Valley Estates (PVE) will celebrate its twentieth anniversary this year.

Healthcare Advocates Provide Security and Support for PVE Residents

As we age, our healthcare needs become increasingly demanding.

The Single Best Thing To Do When Investigating Senior Living Communities

How would you go about selecting the best possible senior living community for you?

Together at Last

Two years ago, we hadn’t thought about moving. I loved my house. I’d lived in it for 34 years. Al loved his house. He had added a family room and a den. It was a good size to raise his boys. He had lived in it for 54 years.

Top 10 Lessons I’ve Learned for Successful Aging

In October I turned the big six-o! This got me thinking about my career working with older adults.