Gilroy has garlic; Castroville has artichokes; Fairfield has tomatoes!

Each year, for one summer weekend, visitors to downtown Fairfield can see and sample almost 100 varieties of tomato, all grown here in Suisun Valley. Like the visitors themselves, they come in all shapes and sizes, some as large as a softball, some not much bigger than a thumbnail. Some are orange, some yellow, some green (with stripes) and a few are even brown or purple.


There’s also a costume contest—you can be Mr. or Mrs. Tomato for a day—a prize for the best tomato salsa and even a talent competition—“Fairfield’s Got Talent”! It’s estimated the two-day event welcome about 25,000 tomato enthusiasts.

Of course, for those that don’t like tomatoes, this could be a problem. It’s easily solved, though: Just plan to visit one of the local Suisun Valley wineries instead. There, visitors can enjoy drinking their fruit (grapes), instead of eating “grape tomatoes”!