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The British Are Coming


This is an apt title for the fun and entertaining play recently presented at Paradise Valley Estates.  The three acts of the play had only one thing in common – they all took place in England.  The first act “To Hell With Love” featured Jan Holderness as Ellie playing opposite Ray Arnold who acted the part of Noel Coward.  The second act “The London Tour” featured Pat Williams, Ann Waldman and Cletus Nelson in a slapstick, non-stop farce about two strangers sharing a hotel room.  The final act “Jumping Ship” starred Dan Child as “Gerald” and Vicki Getz as “Caroline”, a divorced couple who were reunited on the maiden voyage of the Titanic but got off in Queenstown, Ireland (the last stop the ship made) to get married again.

This play was the first to be shown with our brand-new curtains and professional stage lights, and I think everyone was impressed.  At least we all had fun and a few good laughs.

This is the 17th play that Jan Holderness has produced and directed since she moved to PVE 10 years ago.  She has written many of them herself and collaborated with resident Liz Wildberger on the scripting of several others.  Shortly after the plays debut, Jan turned 90.  What a gal!

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