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Solano County Celebrates its Centenarians

Hazel Booher and Harry Verbeek, Paradise Valley Estates residents, were among 13 centenarians honored at this year’s Centenarian Celebration. The celebration, sponsored by the Senior Coalition of Solano County was held at the chambers of the County Board of Supervisors.

The Solano County Supervisors served as the hosts as they honored each centenarian individually and presented them with certificates of recognition. The Board of Supervisors, Congressman John Garamendi, Senator Lois Wolk, Assembly Member Mariko Yamada, and Assembly Member Jim Frazier all participated in the event. While there were 13 individuals honored at the event, there are 30 Centenarians in Solano County that received proclamations.


Hazel Booher, 100 years young, still lives independently in her apartment at Paradise Valley Estates. She enjoys Tai Chi and exercise. She sings in the choir and the campus chorale group. She also enjoys playing bridge. Her secret to her longevity is “The grace of God…….coupled with good food and exercise.”

Harry Verbeek turned 100 in March. His secret to longevity is leading a clean life. He gets up, eats a full breakfast…..exercises physically and mentally constantly……and lives by his own code of honor. He and his wife Florence live at Quail Creek Assisted Living. He says “If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.”