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Piano Recital

Many of us here at Paradise Valley Estates have attended each Jeremy Weinglass recital since the first one he gave several years ago. There was even a memorable summer concert held in the Gazebo, where he performed on a keyboard.

The evening of his most recent performance, residents were gulping their dinners in order to get to the event on time. Upon our arrival, we saw that Jeremy was not at the piano, but cuddling a baby girl who was nine months old that day! At performance time, Jeremy’s wife took over with baby and sat in the front row with resident Lucille Thyrring, Jeremy’s grandmother and the baby’s great-grandmother.


The program was quite varied, including classical music, standards and especially his own original compositions. His performance was also tinged with originality. He stopped playing at one point to announce that the baby, Melody, was clapping in approval. Soon after his fingers left the keyboard and he walked over, lifted Melody off the floor and carried her to the piano with him. She acted as if she would like to take over the concert, trying to outplay her father. She clapped her hands together in approval of her own artistry.

Now I ask you, “Which one won the battle of the keyboard”? Perhaps we should declare it a tie. It was, though, one of the most unusual and enjoyable piano recitals I’ve ever attended!