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Newsies for Us Oldies

Edwards Theater in Fairfield recently scheduled a showing of an original New York cast production of Newsies and twenty of us PVEers took advantage of the opportunity to see this award-winning show. In fact, we made a night of it. Our first stop was Mimi’s Cafe.


Used to $2.10 house wine as we are, some of us splurged and purchased Mimi’s house wine. You know you’re living the good life when you have to pay $5 for imported French wine! Mimi’s is known for serving extra large muffins with their entrees and many of us took our muffins home for the next day’s breakfast. We thoroughly enjoyed the leisurely meal and then hopped back on the PVE bus for the long ride across the street to the theater.


Newsies is a really enjoyable musical with witty lyrics and Tony award-winning choreography where the many good guys and the good gal win in the end.

Since it was a film of a live Broadway show, there was a 15-minute intermission and some of us needed the break from the intense high-level dancing. At the end when the screen credits were running, there was a buzz in the audience when Bob Tzudiker‘s name appeared as the co-author of the screenplay, as PVE’s own Harvey and Barcy Tzudiker are his proud parents.

Just ten minutes later we were back at the PVE Community Center. What a wonderful way to spend an evening with friends and neighbors.


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