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Mackay Barks About Bocce

The humans in my life love this mysterious game called Bocce. All my play time stops when it is time for them to play. Their play yard is very small. They roll all these balls at each other, but no one runs to pick one up. Usually, I am expected to run, fetch a ball and of course, bring it right back.  That’s really hard to do since I am only six months old and love to chase anything that moves!

Now, the bad news. I am not allowed to play and must sit quietly under the bench. So, I watch. I really want that little white ball that seems to be the center of their attention.  They roll the big balls, trying to hit the little white ball, but they seldom do. I could very easily pick it up for them.  No one picks them up until they roll all the balls. They moan, groan and cheer about each human that rolls a ball. Honestly, I mean, how hard is it to roll a ball? Heck, no one ever gives the ball back to the roller! Sometimes, I feel really smart around all these humans.

And the topper, there are no treats, so who knows what a good roll is or who won?

bocce viewers 2

Understanding humans is just not easy!

Mackay is a Golden Retriever puppy who lives with her parents at Paradise Valley Estates.