Pat Williams

Williams BioHow did you decide you were ready for retirement living?

“After my husband died, I grew very frustrated trying to keep our home,” Pat said. “There was always something to repair. The last straw was something very small, but my son wasn’t close enough to come by and I didn’t have anyone to call. I was fed up. I also knew I didn’t want to go back and forth between my children’s homes like a parcel. That’s when I decided to do something for myself.”How did you discover Paradise Valley Estates?

“My husband was a Marine in World War II,” she said. “I was going through paperwork in his office when I found a letter saying some retired military officers were establishing a continuing care retirement community in Northern California. I decided to go have a look. It was very nice so I stayed in touch. I looked at three or four other places, but realized I was wasting time. Paradise Valley Estates had everything I wanted and needed, especially lifetime care.”

What’s one of your most enjoyable moments at home?

“I like being involved in planning community-wide events, but once a month I try to host my own dinner party at home,” said Pat. “There’s just something very special about setting a beautiful table and then sharing it with a handful of good friends. Plus, that’s when the really good stories tend to come out!”

Pat realized the value of being surrounded by a community of friends in an environment where her everyday needs are met and her future care is secure. To learn more about the value a continuing care retirement community can bring to your retirement, contact us to schedule a visit or request more information.

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