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Nancy and Bruce Bartels

Bruce BartelsWhat prompted your search for a retirement community?

“Nancy and I had a neighbor who had an extended illness requiring home care,” said Bruce. “She needed full time help so we saw how expensive that care could be. We decided right away on a continuing care retirement community. You know what the monthly fee is going to be. There’s no question.”

How were the first months in Paradise Valley Estates?

“Frankly, we were very surprised how quickly we made friends,” he said. “We were a little concerned we’d have trouble assimilating, but that wasn’t the case at all. We didn’t know a soul when we moved here but in just a few months we’d made many new friends – close friends, good friends and people you know. It’s a great community of people.”

What’s one of your favorite ways to spend a day?

“We both play golf so the first Wednesday of every month we have a mixed scramble of golfers – usually six to eight foursomes,” he said. “Afterward we have a moaners and groaners dinner and give out fun prizes. What you do when you get here is up to you. We happen to be having a ball.”

Nancy and Bruce experienced the fun of making immediate friends and the comfort of knowing their long-term needs were secure. To learn more about the value a continuing care retirement community can bring to your retirement, contact us to schedule a visit or request more information.

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