Linda McCrory

McCrory BioHow did you learn about Paradise Valley Estates?

“My mother was one of the founders of the community so I visited her here for years,” said Linda. “I would drive up from Sacramento and stay for a few days at a time so I could spend longer stretches of time with her. I found that I loved the community so I was here a lot. In fact, people thought I already lived here before my dogs and I actually moved in!”What’s do you value the most about the community?

“I never expected I would feel so safe here,” she said. “It’s a gated community with guards and security but it’s almost as if they’re in the background. You know they’re there and that there are protection measures in place like the in-home motion detectors. For the first time in my life, I’d say I don’t worry about my personal safety.”

What’s your favorite aspect of life here?

“It has to be that it’s maintenance-free,” she laughed. “They go through my home top to bottom at least once per year and they find and fix things that I don’t even see. They’re meticulous. I don’t even have to worry about replacing smoke detector batteries or air conditioning filters. They take care of everything!”

Linda experienced the joy of friends and fellowship and the peace of mind that comes with a secure, well-maintained community. To learn more about the value a continuing care retirement community can bring to your retirement, contact us to schedule a visit or request more information.

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