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Bruce BartelsWhat prompted your search for a retirement community?

“Nancy and I had a neighbor who had an extended illness requiring home care,” said Bruce. “She needed full time help so we saw how expensive that care could be. We decided right away on a continuing care retirement community. You know what the monthly fee is going to be. There’s no question.” Read More

Marilyn and Bob IsherwoodHow did you choose a continuing care retirement community?

“My mother moved into a CCRC when she was 93 so we saw the value of growing older within a community with a range of medical care,” said Marilyn. “What really struck us, were the financial implications. You might consider a community because there ‘s a low entry fee, but you have to be very careful. You may end up paying double, even triple that fee per month down the road.” Read More

Williams BioHow did you decide you were ready for retirement living?

“After my husband died, I grew very frustrated trying to keep our home,” Pat said. “There was always something to repair. The last straw was something very small, but my son wasn’t close enough to come by and I didn’t have anyone to call. I was fed up. I also knew I didn’t want to go back and forth between my children’s homes like a parcel. That’s when I decided to do something for myself.” Read More

McCrory BioHow did you learn about Paradise Valley Estates?

“My mother was one of the founders of the community so I visited her here for years,” said Linda. “I would drive up from Sacramento and stay for a few days at a time so I could spend longer stretches of time with her. I found that I loved the community so I was here a lot. In fact, people thought I already lived here before my dogs and I actually moved in!” Read More

Ochandarena BioHow did you decide to start anew in
Paradise Valley Estates?

“My wife and I were in Texas when we began to look at CCRCs. We even stayed at Paradise Valley Estates years ago but decided it was too early,” said Doug. “After she became ill and passed away, I was in Texas alone and not taking good care of myself. My kids and I wanted to be closer. In fact, they came and took the tour again with me. Years later it was still a great fit!” Read More