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Valentines Dinner & Dance

Walking into the dining room you could see sweethearts and friends all dressed in their lovely party clothes and a sea of red gathered to enjoy a fun evening.

IMG_0501In the foyer, a large heart ice sculpture, carved by our chef, sparkled in front of a back drop of big red shining hearts greeted the party goers.

The dining room was full of excitement to enjoy the special Valentines dinner menu Chef Dwayne had prepared. It included a complimentary glass of champagne, pistachio cranberry spinach salad, broiled lobster tail served with drawn butter, scallion potato cakes and butternut squash puree, followed by a decadent chocolate raspberry cheesecake for dessert. The lobster tails were large and done to perfection. What a treat!

After dinner, residents gathered in Rawlinson Hall, decorated with big red heart balloons. A beautiful table of appetizers, two bowls of special punches, and cookies was set by the bar. The band “Embrace” was playing wonderful music to dance to and couples crowded the floor. Many couples were showing off their great dancing skills. Lots of smiles and greetings were exchanges all evening which made it a very enjoyable experience here at Paradise Valley Estates.

IMG_0506                  IMG_0508