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Three Fun Summer Activities for Seniors

Summer is one of the most exciting times of the year. Whether you love to garden, travel, or simply relax, the warm summer weather offers the chance to get out of the house and start having fun. While some seniors may find it more difficult to do strenuous activities such as hiking or walking, that doesn’t mean the fun stops. There are still plenty of ways to enjoy summer.


1. Visit the local library.
The library isn’t just for kids. Most libraries, including the Solano County Library, offer programs and activities for all ages. Whether you want to join a book club and discover new stories, attend a lecture and learn about something new, or simply spend time some quiet time with a great read, the library’s the place to do it. Take a free or low-cost continuing education class. Learn how to use a computer or how to text message. All this and much more at your local library.

A Solano County Library card is your ticket to volunteering opportunities, book clubs, online foreign language learning, and even free and discounted passes to local museums and cultural institutions through Discover and Go. Check out upcoming classes, programs and much more online.

2. Take a dip in the pool.
If you’ve forgotten how much fun the pool can be, make this the summer you wade back in. Swimming is a great way to exercise without a lot of risk. It’s the ideal exercise option for those who may experience balance issues or have joint pain that makes weight-bearing exercise painful. Head to the pool this summer to swim laps or to simply float an hour or two away.

The Paradise Valley Estates pool is open seven days a week from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Swim laps, unwind in the Jacuzzi, or join water-based group activities including aerobics, walking, volleyball or arthritis management. If you’d like to visit the pool as part of an onsite visit, please call 1.800.326.0419 to make arrangements.

3. Join a club.
Last, consider joining a club this summer. Clubs are a chance to connect with others who share your interests. You can join clubs related to activities such as Bible study, crafting and wine. Or try something completely new.

Paradise Valley Estates residents can pick and choose from a full monthly calendar that includes more than 50 activities, groups and clubs. Apple fans, Bridge players, singers, cribbage players, readers, quilters and more gather together regularly. Many residents have even started new clubs or activities for the entire community to enjoy.

So go ahead and make this the summer you start something new. There’s only one way to find out if you’re a late-blooming bridge champion or marathon swimmer. Dive in and give it a shot.

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