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Sights and Sounds of Nature

Fall leaves 7

What a joy it is to awaken each morning to the songs of the birds – no more alarm clocks!  The sky is blue and clear.  A gentle breeze sends the blossoms of the cotton wood trees into the air like snow falling. As the day progresses, turkeys strut about displaying their tail feathers and doing the expected gobble-gobble. Jack rabbits scamper across the lawn and lizards run into the bushes. Sometimes the vultures soar above.

The other day a doe meandered about. I am told that to see a turtle is rare, but I did see one cross my driveway. From my front window I look out at the cows grazing on the golden hills. As the day ends, frogs begin their nightly chorus along the creek behind my house and occasionally there is a coyote howling in the distance. The moon shines on the 100+ year old oak trees as the squirrels, and I as well, settle down for the night.  Another day ends in Paradise and I am off to sleep.

About the author: Phyllis Mosher, PVE resident, enjoys writing as a hobby and is the current editor of the Paradise Valley Estates newsletter, “The Elysian Fields”. The newsletter is published monthly and features thoughtful, funny and descriptive contributions from many residents.