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PVE PC Users Group Answers Questions

All the advancements in making computers easy to use have still left a good number of Microsoft Windows computer users who want help with their PCs. As a result, the PVE PC User Group started in December of 2014 and now comprises 30+ members.

Between 15 and 25 members attend the bi-monthly meetings. A broad spectrum of topics is presented with the goal of making complex technical subjects understandable to nontechnical users. Topics include the critically important computer security: anti-virus software, phishing attacks, passwords and other aspects of protecting users against cyber criminals. “Housekeeping” topics have covered tasks that help computers function efficiently.

PC User Group

Getting pictures from digital cameras to computers is a topic of high interest. Buying a new computer was covered in a recent session. An important part of each meeting is a Q&A period where members can bring up ad hoc topics or questions.

The PC Users Group meetings are led by Stu Loventhal and Wolf Schaechter, both Class of 2014 PVE arrivals. Stu is a retired AT&T information technology professional and Wolf has been a volunteer computer teacher at Senior Net and other senior organizations.

When PVE residents have a question about their personal computer they know they can get answers at the next PC User Group meeting.

—Wolf Schaechter