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PVE at The Races

I’d never been to a real racetrack prior to our recent excursion to Golden Gate Fields. The image I had in my mind was based on what I had seen in films: A foggy, windy, dirty, and smelly place with grungy characters hanging around trying to sell tips. My immediate reaction after leaving the PVE bus and entering the Turf Club was, Wow!


Our venue was a large, multi-tiered, elegant dining facility. Every linen-covered table had a great view of the track, final pole and winner’s circle. Their sharply-dressed and attentive waitstaff made us feel right at home. Our designated seating area was near the buffet, the bar, and the betting windows.

pveracesgroupYou couldn’t ask for more, except to bet and win of course. With some trepidation I made my first bet, and lost it all. Listening to my more skilled PVE table mates about the next race, I recovered most of my losses—but decided to wait until my next visit to try again.

A photo shoot of the PVErs in the winner’s circle with a winning jockey was a bonus—just like at the Kentucky Derby (Well, almost). I can’t wait for our next trip to the races!

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