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Pool Ladies

These ladies aren’t backstroking or treading water. They are in the game room getting their exercise with a different kind of pool.

Left to Right – Millie Healy, Alice O’Toole, Pat MacGuire, Anita Parker

Left to Right – Millie Healy, Alice O’Toole, Pat MacGuire, Anita Parker

It’s Friday morning at 9 a.m., and if you happen to walk past the Game Room in the Recreation Building you would see four ladies, cues in hand, ready to play a hot game of 8-Ball. They are Alice O’Toole, Millie Healy, Betty Tylutki and Anita Parker. (Betty missed the photo shoot).

Back in October 1998, Alice and Millie discovered they were both fond of billiards. Since then, players have come and gone and some are no longer with us. But a foursome has endured. They play a game of 8-Ball with a partner, who is determined by drawing a number. The two high numbers play together and the two lows play together. The lowest number makes the first break and the game is on. The room is reserved from 9 to 11:30 a.m., and they get in as many games as possible (largely depending on who is “hot” that day).

Substitutes are welcome to fill in when someone can’t make it. So if you’re a PVE resident, feel free to drop by on Friday morning and check it out. The welcome mat is always out. If you are a male resident reading this article, don’t feel left out. The men’s pool group meets every weekday afternoon at 1 p.m. in the game room.