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Mackay’s Back in Town!

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It’s good to be back!

I really missed all my friends at PVE while I was at boarding school. Now, I can try out my new manners and reconnect with my doggie friends. In fact, there are a few cats who seem to like me too.

Of course, I want everyone to like me; I’m a Golden Retriever. I did not get a diploma at school, but I got several “Satisfactory”s and unfortunately, some “Needs to Improve”s. But for now, I’m out.

Please look for me when you are out walking. I have learned not to jump up on humans. Now, I politely obey the “down” command and then sidle up to them in hopes that they can’t resist giving me something.

Unfortunately, my parents have declared all treats on walks off limits. There oughta be a Bill of Rights for dogs. I need some help here. Maybe I can ask Moxie; she’s part poodle and everyone knows how smart they are.

Signing off for now. I’m off to our adjacent eight acres to chase rabbits, lizards and turkeys!