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Mackay Barks about Boarding School

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Life’s a little “ruff” for me right now…

It’s been awhile since I barked about my life. I am a really lucky dog. My family and friends at PVE are the best and the dog park is such fun for all of us. However, I guess my manners need some fine-tuning so I am now at boarding school for two weeks. My parents murmured something about “there is no excuse for bad manners!”

I love people, and people have treats. I feel the need to get their attention so sometimes I have to jump up on them. I think they should love to pet me, feel my soft fur and then, possibly give me a treat. Can’t blame a girl for trying. Evidently, this makes my Mom yell and run to protect the person I am loving. Doesn’t she know if I knock them down, I will lay down next to them and let them pet me and even lick them if necessary?

Well, anyway, here I am at boarding school. The headmaster is very big and expects me to do what he wants me to do. It’s kind of neat though because every time I do what he wants, he tells me I am a good girl. I have known that since I was born. It’s nice to know he’s a believer.

I’ll keep you posted. I think I better pay attention to him if I want to get back to my cushy home. I miss Kenzie, my little buddy and know she is getting some of my treats!

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