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Canine and Human Residents Enjoy New Amenity at PVE



More than 40 dogs call Paradise Valley Estates home. It’s been said that pets aren’t just accepted at PVE, they are welcomed as important members of the family! The dogs come in all sizes, shapes and ages. Several residents have welcomed new puppies into their lives since moving to Paradise Valley Estates. One of the newest amenities here at Paradise Valley Estates is an off-leash dog park. This was an initiative by the many pet-loving residents who live at the community.



Recently, a photo shoot was held at the new off-leash park. A group of residents and their dogs gathered together. The residents enjoyed putting their dogs through their paces, chasing balls and doing tricks. There were plenty of dog treats, too! Both dogs and humans enjoyed socializing in a very congenial and laid-back atmosphere.



The photographer, a dog-lover himself, got into it, too. At times he was down on the ground at dog level, to get the best shot. The results give a glimpse into personalities of PVE’s canines and their human friends. Enjoy!