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Bocce Update #8 from May 28, 2015

Adding Insult to Injury. Thursday evening we met two other couples in our Club for drinks, then adjourned to the formal Dining Room and were seated near the center of the room where we could enjoy the view of lawns, trees, gardens. Someone at our table commented that a birthday was apparently being observed at the table next to us. I got up to wish someone a Happy Birthday and there sat the entire Tortilla Flats Flamingos team.Bocce 2 Flamingo Team small sizeThree dark pink balloons floated toward the ceiling and pink flamingo paper cutouts were dangling from the ribbons. They smiled and said no one was marking a birthday, they were just celebrating their latest bocce win. On the lazy susan in the middle of their table was a plastic holder displaying a large color photo montage of their bocce match against the 6 Shooters. Us! Laughter and trading challenges followed. As they left, they presented us with the balloons. Wouldn’t you think being the only undefeated team thus far would be enough. Our captain has called for another practice session Sunday afternoon. We shall see.