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Bocce Update #7 from May 27, 2015

DSCN0186The Big Day has arrived. Team 6, Six Shooters, will play the undefeated Tortilla Flats Flamingos this morning at 9:00 a.m. Team captain was in the shower before dawn, then drawers opening and shutting, closet doors open and shut, squeaking bureau door, clanking noises. With my eyes shut I know what’s happening. Picture Lee Marvin in “Cat Ballou” being outfitted for his upcoming joust. Our captain is resplendent in cowboy-tight jeans, denim jacket, red bandana, black Stetson and cowboy boots, ready to lead us into battle.

Two hours later, walking down the path to the music of bird songs, accompanied by our mascot, Corky, wearing her blue bandana, we arrive at bocce court. It is another very cool breezy morning, high 50’s. Two of our team in Western attire are practicing and rolling the bocce with encouraging accuracy. Then the opposition arrive, 6 of them, in their Flamingo tee shirts and Mexican sombreros carrying their pink flamingos, custom banners, and maracas to shake when they win a tough shot. What next. I suggest they should also bring a large shaker of Tequila Sunrise, enough to go around. “Good idea,” they smirk.

DSCN0202But we brought a secret weapon: our Arizona tom turkey has sprouted real turkey feathers and he is at roost in a prominent spot near the score board to intimidate those ridiculous flamingos.

The game begins. Flamingos strike and draw first blood. Six shooters eventually win points and pull out to a 4-3 lead. A handful of onlookers arrive. Then Flamingos roll two more points. Then three more points, another point. Then three more points. Game over. Much handshaking, congratulations, photo taking. They remain undefeated.DSCN0203This is a cruel game.

The Arizona turkey is in our backyard again.   Next match is next Monday against The Peaceniks, another gaudy group with tie-dyed shirts and attitude. We must come up with a better strategy.