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Bocce Update #6 from May 10, 2015

Bocce plus Brats & Beer BBQ…

The 6 Shooters are of one mind, apparently.   Running up a deficit of two in three games is not acceptable.  When the team captain sent out an email asking if any team players were available at 4:00 p.m. Mother’s Day afternoon for an hour of practice, 8 of 9 players said, “Yes.”   We convened at the court on a beautiful but breezy afternoon and gave it our best effort.  We were pretty ragged at first, then began to group our shots closer together and decided about 5:15 p.m. we weren’t going to get any better so it was time to walk across the bridge to the Arnold’s, fire up the grille and have a barbecue.

Turkeys 2Brats and beer, tossed salad, fruit and homemade chocolate chip cookies enjoyed on the patio overlooking the hills at sunset. We watched the wildlife show, a doe grazing beyond the fence, tom turkeys strutting to impress nonchalant hens, a hawk dive bombing we don’t know what in the field, two jackrabbits sampling the lawn so close it makes our Australian shepherd tense up.

Although all four couples live in PVE’s 68 acres, each of us has a very different view.  One couple overlooks the golf course, one enjoys a very private yard conveniently near the Community Center, another has an apartment, and the Arnolds as described before.

This was a fine ending to Mother’s Day.