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Bocce Update #5 from May 7, 2015

I really hate to admit this, but Match 3 was an ignoble defeat. The Fireballs beat us 12 to 2 and we had both our “ringers” playing, our two hot golfers. Guess fairway prowess doesn’t translate to bocce surfaces. Or, maybe it was the weather. It was cloudy, very windy, and so cold some were muttering about adjourning to their fireplaces, those that have them. Age doesn’t have anything to do with it, either. One of the ladies on The Fireballs, and she really is one, was zinging the bocce right to the pallino nearly every time.   My job was to take photos and shout encouragement.   I did both but you really don’t want to see the photos – we were freezing and looked it. Practice sessions are called for. Next match May 27.IMG_0037