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Bocce Update #4 from May 1, 2015

May Day. (And Red Friday.) In centuries past May Day celebrated the arrival of Spring with dancing around a May pole decorated with flowers and colored streamers. For the past 100 years, May Day has also become observed in some parts of the world as a Workers Rally to bring about better working conditions. Today, it can be either a day of joyful revelry or determined protest.

Well, I saw a little of both this morning at the bocce court. Two matches were played in front of the Friday continental breakfast crowd. The first was touch and go until at point 6, a tie, the red-shirted Bocce Bouncers surged ahead to beat the Newbies, who as the name implies, are new residents within the year. Not to say tenure has anything to do with bocce skills. The second match went to the Brave Hearts, no discernible team uniform, who bravely defeated the PVE Angels, Bocce 6 PVE Angelsangelic in their matching sky blue tee shirts with angel cherubs on the front. Throughout both matches highly audible protests in groans and moans or gleeful cheers were heard over shots made or missed. So we had May Day.

About Red Friday.   It is a tradition at PVE that residents may wear something red on Friday as a symbol of support for our active duty military wherever they may be. Many of us choose to do so and it can be quite colorful around our community, including the formal dining room at dinner.