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Bocce Update #3 from April 26, 2015

Sometime Sunday morning, 26 April, the weather was so beautiful it seemed a good time to ask our bocce team players scheduled to play Monday if they would like to practice.   Two couples liked the idea and about 4:30 p.m. as it began to cool, we convened at the court and played for an hour or so. That was enjoyable, no pressure, just us, no competition. Then, another idea occurred: what else should you do after 5 pm on a nice afternoon but adjourn to the Arnolds house for a tall glass of ice, tonic water, lime wedges, and some other additives of choice. Which we did. Next morning we played Match #2. Wouldn’t you think with all that preparation the result would be better? We lost. 12 to 6.   We are now 1 and 1. Oh, well, it’s early in the season.IMG_0004