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Bocce Update #10 from August, 2015

So happy to report we played twice this week, won twice. “Batting” average is now a respectable .466 and we have two more games to play this month, both on Spectator Fridays at 9 a.m. and we are up to the challenge. Watch out, here we come, 6 guns blazing.

The big question before us: how to celebrate wins and get psyched up for next 2 games. A telephone poll is underway to find a date when all 10 of us can get together for dinner (that’s the hardest part), and do we want to BBQ on the Captain’s back lawn, or cocktails there and go to Dining Room for the dinner afterward, or cocktails at another team couple’s house, then dinner. We have big problems like that at PVE. The summer weather has been divine until now so all options sound good.

PVE-2015B-preview-035P.S. Life Enrichment department decided to underwrite another set of imported Italian bocce balls. With 23 teams and about 200 players we are giving the current set a serious work out. They arrived in time for our game today so we initiated them. Happy to say they roll just fine. How fine? 12 to 3 fine