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Bocce & Pickleball Happenings at PVE

The 6 Shooters have rolled through half of the season with four wins, six losses. Our recent loss was not without some laughs and good fun.

The weather here has been perfect, breezy and sunny in the low 70’s. Meanwhile, our friends and former neighbors in Carefree, AZ are somehow surviving 113 degree highs, 85 degree lows, and anticipate that to continue for months!

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 12.23.37 PM

It’s Bocce Season at PVE!

In other PVE sports news, our Pickleball tournament is coming up! It all begins Saturday morning, July 30. We play twice a week all season just for fun and sun, but this year we’re getting serious. Our staff leader, Linda, decided we are ready for a tournament to amuse and educate PVE residents and we are rallying to the cause.

I’m in training – making it a point to go the Power House every other day and to the other fitness room to run on the elliptical, and am saying no to desserts. It may not make me a great Pickleball player but the benefits are all good. I don’t want to let my tournament partner down if I can help it.

I’ve been dropping the suggestion to Linda: have a manned, well-stocked beverage cart on the court.