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A Sailor and His Wine

I like friends, sailing and wine, but I am no connoisseur. Those people have friends and acquaintances who have a lot of money who usually favor powerboats over sailboats.

At PVE we don’t have rich or poor people. We have PIPs—Previously Important Persons—and most of us enjoy wine and occasional trips to the vineyards in nearby Sonoma and Napa. Recently, a few of us started a Wine Tasters’ Group to have some fun together on Sunday evenings.

Each participant brings a wine in the price range of $15.99 or less and an hors d’oeuvre. The host places the wines in brown paper bags that are numbered according to the names of the guests, and a list of qualities is distributed to each taster. A chart of which wine was brought by which resident is kept secret until the tasting is over.

These events have been a great success. Many fine wines have been explored, tasted and critiqued. And the price is right!

Connoisseurs of fine wines are important members of the wine culture, but for sailors like me, in the “find some wind on a nice day and enjoy it” category, a scenic outing with billowing sails is the ultimate enjoyment. A Sunday evening at PVE with reasonably priced wines and good friends is a close second.

Here are our top 5 wines from our most recent Merlot tasting:


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