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Cars, Carts & Coffee

Cars & Coffee which began decades ago in Los Angeles, has since spread across the United States and recently appeared at PVE. We’ve put a spin on the concept with... Read More >>


The Scholarship Committee at PVE

Many of us recall working while going to school. It can be a hardship to balance schoolwork and work schedules, let alone have time for athletics or other activities. Many... Read More >>


Halloween Fun at PVE

The Creative juices were obviously flowing when my fellow residents were choosing what to wear at the annual PVE Halloween bash. There were so many wonderful costumes that... Read More >>


Retro Chic

What is one of the “hottest” places to be found at PVE? From 11:00 AM till 2:00 PM Monday through Friday, the most popular spot on campus is The Store, a tiny retail establishment... Read More >>


Together at Last

Two years ago, we hadn’t thought about moving. I loved my house. I’d lived in it for 34 years. Al loved his house. He had added a family room and a den. It was a good... Read More >>


To the Summit of Mount Diablo

My son, who lives in New York City, had been in San Francisco on business when he called asking if there was any chance that he could come for lunch the next day. Of course,... Read More >>


The Grandparent Clause

Our great-grandson Will, now five years old, has recently mastered the concept of “The Grandparent Clause,” a non-legally binding contract that insures that anything they,... Read More >>

Belly Up to the Barre

In the Fitness Department’s ongoing effort to entice residents to keep fit, strong and flexible, the staff always searches for the latest exercise methods. The ballet barre class is a recent addition and no dance or ballet experience is required! However, it can make you feel like... Read More >>