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Halloween Party Fun

Who says kids get to have all the Halloween fun? This year, host your own fun night with friends. We’ll help you get started on planning your frightful festivities today. First, settle on the key details such as the date and time. Then decide how many people you can accommodate. The possibilities are endless. You can plan a fun,... Read More >>

Are Men and Women Really Different?

I know that sounds like a silly question—but then why do we spend millions of dollars on research and write dozens of books every year on that very subject? I learned there was a difference between boys and girls when... Read More >>

Originals Dinner Celebrates First Residents

The first residents to arrive at PVE in 1997 through 2000, affectionately known as the Originals, were honored at an elegant dinner party at Rawlinson Hall this past spring. The inaugural event highlighted the 20th anniversary... Read More >>

Exerstride Your Way to Better Health

Unlike walking, exerstriding is a total body exercise that provides numerous benefits for people of all ages. Derived from an original form of Nordic walking, this synergistic exercise—in synergy, several things acting... Read More >>