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Come Relax With Us!

Stress complicates our mental and emotional wellbeing in ways we may not recognize and erodes our ability to cope with challenges great and small. To make matters worse, many things we do to try to deal with stress, such as watching TV or drinking, can often lead to more stress. So what to do? For a problem as common as stress, many... Read More >>


Skilled Nursing is Kind Nursing

There are two levels of patient care in the Division of Skilled Nursing at Laurel Creek. One is for those recuperating from surgery, illness or other temporary conditions. The other is for those for whom a safe haven... Read More >>

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Kicking Off 20 Years at PVE

The scene opens with soft dinner music and elegant table settings and finishes a delectable gourmet meal and wonderful conversation. The special guests? Residents of Paradise Valley Estates who have lived in the Life... Read More >>

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Just How Old Are You?

At dinner one evening at PVE, we were discussing how old someone was and this triggered a question in my mind. “Really, how old are you?” Maybe it depends on only a few simple factors. Are you as old as your years?... Read More >>

Pedaling to Work

When PVE Assisted Living Manager Kelly Yee decided to bike the five miles each way from her home to work every day instead of driving, she knew the Hilborn hill would be a challenge. Her solution was an electric pedal-assist... Read More >>

Patriotic Pride at PVE

Paradise Valley Estates is a community that invites residents to be involved in day-to-day operations and activities. One way to become involved is through a committee that’s part of our Resident Council, a group of... Read More >>

On the Road Again

In March of this year, my roadster buddy, Blaine Clark from Gold Hill, Oregon, and I embarked on a two-week adventure in my BMW Z4 M. The goal was twofold: visit as many Presidential Libraries as we could and rendezvous... Read More >>