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A Brief History of Bocce at PVE

Bocce Ball A poem by Ian Lanouette: A bocce ball rolls The crowd waits with bated breath The pallino laughs For many years, bocce has been a favorite PVE activity. In 2002,... Read More >>

Patriotic Pride at PVE

Paradise Valley Estates is a community that invites residents to be involved in day-to-day operations and activities. One way to become involved is through a committee that’s... Read More >>


April is Bocce Time

The PVE Bocce season starts tomorrow (April 14) in conjunction with our first continental breakfast of the year. We are looking forward to another terrific season. We have... Read More >>


2016 Bocce Season Finale

PVE’s 2016 bocce season has come to a close. To celebrate, we threw an all-day party with preliminary bocce games in a single elimination shootout tournament. These... Read More >>