Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:  What kind of retirement community is Paradise Valley Estates?

    Paradise Valley is a “continuing care retirement community” or CCRC. It’s a community that offers residents an engaging, yet secure, lifestyle. As the name suggests, we offer a full continuum of living options, including residential living and unlimited access to assisted living and short or long-term nursing care. All these services and options are offered right here on the PVE campus. The best part is that our inclusive financial program provides great peace-of-mind about the cost of the future care.

  • Q:  Who is eligible to live here?

    Paradise Valley Estates welcomes adults aged 60 and older and whose health status and financial resources are well matched to the retirement lifestyle options offered by our community. Many of our residents have a military background; however, a military background is not required.

  • Q:  How much does it cost to live at Paradise Valley Estates?

    As is typical with a continuing care retirement community, there are two fees involved. There is an up front, or entrance fee, and a monthly fee that covers services, amenities and more.

    The entrance fee is like a membership fee to the community. It is based on the residence selected and if one or two people will be residing at PVE. We offer multiple financial options on the entrance fees, with a range of price points and refundability.

    Currently, our entrance fees begin at $174,000 and our monthly fees begin at $2,774.

  • Q:  What is the greatest benefit of the Continuing Care Contract?

    Our residents tell us the greatest benefit they receive is peace of mind for them and their family members. They find great value in enjoying an independent retirement lifestyle while knowing they have a plan in place for future care needs.

  • Q:  What’s included in the monthly fee?

    Beyond our campus-wide amenities, core services included in the monthly service fee include:

    • 30 meal credits per resident (20-meal plan also available)
    • Weekly housekeeping service
    • Utilities (except telephone and internet)
    • Basic cable TV
    • Routine residence maintenance
    • Round-the-clock security
    • Groundskeeping
    • Scheduled transportation
    • Consulting dietitian
    • Property taxes
    • 24-hour emergency response
    • Social, recreational and cultural programs
  • Q:  Is the monthly fee fixed or does it increase over time?

    Monthly fees are evaluated each year as part of our budgetary process. Adjustments are determined by our Board of Directors in consultation with the Executive Director, Director of Finance and our Resident Finance Committee. The Sales Coordinators at Paradise Valley Estates can provide a document that outlines the history of increases at our community.

  • Q:  May I personalize my residence?

    Paradise Valley Estates has a wide variety of residence options, including houses and apartments. Different floor plans and square footage options allow you to meet your needs while addressing personal tastes and preferences.

  • Q:  May I bring my pets?

    Pets are welcome at Paradise Valley Estates and acknowledged as an important part of a rewarding lifestyle. Pet owners are required to be responsible for their pets and considerate of the ways their pets interact with others in the community.

  • Q:  What happens if I need to move into assisted living or need skilled nursing?

    One of the significant reasons people choose a continuing care retirement community is the peace of mind that comes from knowing affordable assisted living and skilled nursing services are provided onsite should they be needed.

    Paradise Valley Estates makes assisted living services (e.g. support with activities of daily living) available to residents through our PVE At Home program or at Quail Creek, our assisted living residence. Should you ever need short or long-term nursing services, we can provide that level of support at Laurel Creek Health Center. Our onsite health service professionals work with you to identify the specific type of support that best meets your needs, completing individual health assessments to inform those decisions.

  • Q:  Is medical care included in the continuing care program?

    While long-term nursing care, rehabilitative care and assisted living services are available, residents still retain their own medical insurance and have their own choice of physicians. We are fortunate in Fairfield to be in close proximity to excellent medical and acute care.

  • Q:  Do I have to move in now, or may I reserve a space for later?

    Our residents will be the first to say if there was one thing they could share with anyone considering a move to our community, it would be to do it sooner. We do offer an opportunity to reserve a chosen residence for a period of months with a completed application and a refundable deposit. That way our future residents know their residence is secure while they make arrangements for their move.

  • Q:  What should I do next to learn more?

    Just call us at 1.800.326.0419 or email us at We’re happy to answer any questions you might have, and we would love to have you as a guest for a private tour or overnight stay. Please call us at your convenience, and we’ll take care of the arrangements for you.