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Paradise Valley Estates was founded in 1997 by a group of retired military officers. Their vision was to build a community where people with shared interests and an active outlook on life could create a broader definition of retirement living.

Today, Paradise Valley Estates welcomes people from all walks of life, not only those with a military background. A spirit of patriotism and appreciation of all that makes our country great remains an important part of our heritage.

What connects us most today is a shared passion for new experiences. We bring that passion to life in lively conversations, recreational and cultural activities, planned group outings, and more. It’s all part of what makes Paradise Valley Estates so different as a retirement experience.

Our founders also recognized the need to provide community members with supportive care services, should those needs arise. Under their leadership, Quail Creek Assisted Living and Laurel Creek Health Center were added to the community. As a fully accredited continuing care community (CCRC), Paradise Valley Estates has fulfilled the founders’ vision of a place that helps people live their best, active days while securing their future well-being.

Click here to view our Annual Report and Financial Statements.

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